...It's a high unlike anything I've ever felt before!.
"In an effort to find the perfect way to describe a true Jeff Thrower experience, I researched the word 'testimonial'. What I continuously came across were words like 'recommend', 'worthy', 'desirable', and 'appreciation'. however, within this search, I came across a word that i hadn't ever associated with it. The word 'esteem' suddenly popped out of the screen. It's meaning causing my thought process to take on a different path.

When we hear the word 'esteem', more often than not, we associate it with the term 'self esteem'... in essence, how we see ourselves. While it is a great feat in my eyes to be able to see the beauty within oneself, it brings an even greater sense of personal satisfaction to be able to see our beauty through another's eyes. THIS is an art that Jeff has mastered! Jeff has an uncanny ability to make an inner beauty shine through for the world to see and admire. His level of professionalism is unparalleled and can make even a first introduction feel like the comfort of a life long friendship. He has a commitment to his profession that is clearly seen through his work and will make you want to go back for more. It's a high unlike anything I've ever felt before and would recommend, rather, encourage anyone who's ever wondered "what if" to take a glance through the magnificent eyes of Jeff Thrower. You'll be amazed at what you see!

What are you waiting for?
- Jennifer
(Modeled for Jeff 3 times)



...You have boosted my self-esteem and confidence way high!
" I would definitely have to say that working with Jeff has been a lot of fun! He makes the environment comfortable and relaxed. His ideas are unique and creative. He is very respectful and professional. He is very prompt and gets the pictures back as soon as possible. I would definitely suggest him to any model who is looking for a fun and professional photographer to work with!! Thank you so much for all you have done. In the shoot(s) I've had with you, you have boosted my self-esteem and confidence way high! Hope to do more soon!! =)"

(Modeled for Jeff 8 times)



...Your work is the best.
"Jeff, let me begin by saying you are an amazing photographer. Your work is the best, and working with you is always fun and exciting. I'm very glad I have had the opportunity to work with you and I look forward to our shoots in the future."

Love Always,
(Modeled for Jeff 8 times)



...Very high-quality shots.
"I am one of the lucky women who have gotten to do a photo shoot with Jeff. I feel very comfortable working with him because he is great at knowing when and when not to direct the photo shoot. This quality has given me the room to be creative and bring my ideas and personality into the photos. The end results always reflect very high-quality shots, with excellent composition and the subject's true character. Jeff is also very proactive when it comes to trying new ideas and expanding both his and the model's portfolios. Jeff 's work will make a great addition to anyone's portfolio."

Love, Marlena (Modeled for Jeff 3 times)



...Fantastic Ingenuity and Superb Professionalism!
Upon meeting Jeff , I was instantly impressed by his eye for detail and dedication for distinction in his images. After a lovely full day shoot, I was stunned to see how many great shots were produced! His passion for capturing life and time shines through his work!"

-Claire (Modeled for Jeff 3 times)



...Very creative.
"Jeff is an awesome photographer. He works very hard on every shot, he is very creative and very focused on his shots but at the same time he is a lot of fun to work with and makes sure the model is comfortable. I recommend shooting with him. Every shot is so different and he is an awesome guy."

-PLAYBOY Model Candice Cook (Modeled for Jeff 5 times)



...EXTREMELY professional.
"I had a great time working with Jeff! Not only were his ideas very creative and unique, but he was fun to work with and EXTREMELY professional. His editing of the images was artistic, very well done and they were delivered to me almost immediately. I got exactly what I wanted for my portfolio and I would suggest him to any model who needs some great images!!"

(Modeled for Jeff 2 times)



...You exceeded my expectations on every level!
"This better not be the last time we work together! We are just getting started! You exceeded my expectations on every level! You were a wonderful host and person to chat with, I was comfortable the entire time, and you gave me images faster than I could blink! I am looking forward to our next collaboration :) "

-Isabel (Modeled for Jeff 2 times)



...Passionate and professional.
" Jeff is a pleasure to work with. He is an incredibly talented photographer that is passionate and professional.
Working with him was very enjoyable and he makes it very special with nice music in the background.
He is always prompt, detailed, and respectful. He makes you feel confidant and comfortable and puts a lot of effort and creativity into his work. He works very efficiently ...you will get your pics before you even think about them! The music he played during the shooting was amazing and it helped me a lot to give my best...Jeff, thanks a lot for giving me a copy of it! "




 ...My husband and I will never forget this experience!

"My husband and I will never forget this experience. We drove from Bristol , TN just to have Jeff Thrower  capture what we had envisioned.  Not only were we satisfied with the final results, but we are amazed at how naturally Jeff finds the small yet intriguing details that make each picture unforgettable. Can't wait to do it again!" 

- Rachel



...Best experience I've had.
"I had a ton of fun shooting with you! This was the best experience I've had with a photographer. I cant wait until our next session!"




 ...I felt so comfortable with him during the shoot!
I had an amazing time shooting with Jeff. He's creative and every set had a different feel. Jeff was EXTREMLY professional and I felt so comfortable with him during the shoot! My final images were received almost immediately! I look forward to working with him again. Any models who need GREAT images for their portfolio, this is the person to ask!

- Alisha